A database of "minimale par"

"Minimale Par" (Danish for "minimal pairs") is a growing database of minimal pairs. Here you can search and collect word pairs with images and generate convenient two-sided PDF files for printing and using in speech language therapy sessions or simply for practicing phonological contrasts in the Danish language.

If you mean "code" but say "tode" - I think of a toad (here's a picture of a toad)

Minimal pairs are technically word pairs differing only by one sound in the same position in each word. However in speech sound disorders it is common to have mislearned phonological representations of clusters of sounds as well as isolated sounds. Therefore "Minimale Par" also uses contrasts on a phonotactical level - word pairs differing by clusters of sounds in the same positions.

Additionally to word pairs it is possible to search for "multiple opposition sets" - sets of words that are all distinguished from each other by one sound (or cluster). Multiple opposition sets can be used when a number of different sounds are all replaced by the same sounds.

When you like a word use to add it to your collection. Use to remove it again.

If you'd like more resources for Danish child speech language therapy I recommend visiting www.minkusinemaria.dk